A code monkey randomly typing on a keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely produce brilliance (almost).

Hey there, my name is Huyen Tue Dao.  Thanks for stopping by my bend in the tubes.

I am an uber-geek interested in all things tech, but in particular, I really love programming, web design/development, user experience and usability, and infoviz.

A huge gamer, I often spend hours screaming at a RTS, FPS, or fight-y type game (PC or console).  I am recovering from MMORPG addiction as well (meetings are on Wednesday @ 08:00, bring cookies). 

Among other things I love, though generally have not had much time for, are comic books, poker, and martial arts.  I also harbor dreams of becoming a guitar virtuoso and touring the world in the ultimate cover band.

Currently, I am an RIA developer doing all sorts of development, with a little SQL Server, little .NET for backend-type purposes.  However, I am mainly focused on Adobe Flex/AIR development (which I love to pieces, adore the platform).  RIA is teh awesome.  I’ve also done a bit of C/C++ and Java programming, adore Perl, and am teaching myself Objective-C, PHP, among other things.

I am always open to, in need of, and grateful for comments, constructive criticism, and fun debate.  So feel free to comment, e-mail me, or follow me on Twitter.

Hugs, cookies, and rock n’ roll. \m/ O.o \m/