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Malware + Mea Culpa

Posted: August 12th, 2010 | Author: Huyen Tue Dao | Filed under: miscellaneous, news | Tags: | No Comments »

I just wanted to notify, confirm, and apologize to any readers out there for the recent malware attack my blog had.  Unfortunately, I was one of the many folks who got hit in the recent hit on MediaTemple and I had some nasty scripts on my page that made Google Safe Browsing hate me for a few days.

If anyone else still is having issues with the hack on his/her WP blog, please check out the link above for some helpful tips to clear things up.  In my particular case I had an administrator account injected into my WP database and the nasty code was inserted into my footer.php file.  Luckily, that was it.

So apologies for temporary annoyances and any possible malware serving. :(

PS: If you are a WP user, double-check your wpconfig.php file permissions.  Apparently, a lot of folks (cough, cough, mine) had loose permissions on it.

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