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Spoken @ Capital Flash Camp

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First off, thanks to Sara Nieburg, Andy Powell, David Tucker, and Todd Cieplinski of Universal Mind for putting together a Flash Camp in the DC Metro area. We just don’t get enough community events in the aret.  It was also great to see some familiar faces from the Capital Flex User Group.  Admittedly, I haven’t been able to attend in months, but I was told there was beer last time.  Damn, need to start going again.

I know the attendance was not what some people might have hoped, but I think it wasn’t bad considering that Capital Flash Camp was announced just a little over a month ago.  The DC area’s Flex community is not as large as other places (Flash Camp SF was the same day and heavily attended, but it’s a big hub for the community) so it’s worthwhile whenever we get together.

As an aside, the Naval Heritage Center is a great place to check out if you’re doing the tourist thing in DC.

So presentations…

Terry Ryan, Keynote: Terry is a platform evangelist from Adobe and gave an overview of all the features available in Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst, and CF Builder and discussed workflows between the three.  Even with all of the new presos on Flex 4, there was still plenty to learn (I had no idea about the two-way binding in Flex 4).

Jeff Tapper, Flex 4 for Flex 3 Developers: As always, Jeff gave a great preso between his straightforward-yet-humorous delivery and his ability to explain the why’s behind the how’s and what’s.

Christian Saylor, The Art of Storytelling: Really enjoyed how Christian (Anti-Chris) relating storytelling to designing applications and more importantly his take on how and why some applications and products take hold of us and change our ways, while others don’t.

Carl Smith, It’s a Matter of Trust: Carl’s presentation was a hilarious overview about the different ways that trust affects how we interact with the world in general and with technology in particular.  I had the pleasure of chatting with Carl, owner of nGen Works, and he’s got a brilliant perspective on what makes for good applications.  Ask him about usability if you get a chance to talk to him. :)

Adnaan Ahmad, Introduction to Flash Catalyst: It was good to actually get a demo of Flash Catalyst and I wish Adnaan had gotten more time to go more in depth with it.  Nice job though.

Dave Watts, Using Flash Builder 4’s Data-Centric Development with ColdFusion 9: I’m not a CF person and so a bit of the preso was lost on me, but it seems that there are a bunch of niceties for connecting to various data sources and wiring them up to your Flex apps.

Chris Scott, Swiz Framework – Brutally simple micro-architecture for Rich Internet Application development with Adobe Flex: I personally got a ton out of Chris’s talk since I’m using Swiz for this first time at the current gig. The Swiz team hasn’t quite caught up with their documentation, so it was good to have Chris talk about various features and how to apply them.

For anyone interested, here is my preso and the code from my examples. Not much is different than my 360|Flex preso and I left out code that I didn’t go over this time around.

Slides (1.1MB)

Greenthreading MSNBC Data Set (ZIP, 2.6MB)

Overall, it was a great day.


Speaking @ Capital Flash Camp

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So now that I have extracted my head from my hindquarters, I am v. belatedly making note of the fact that I am speaking at Capital Flash Camp TOMORROW on good ol’ Greenthreading.  I am completely lame for missing out on my blogging duties and can only point to my month-long head-in-hindquarters-itis as a lame excuse.

Capital Flash Camp

If you can, please join us tomorrow in the District.  :)